Sunday, December 30, 2012

Make Up Your Mind Day

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By Terry Orr

Make Up Your Mind Day is a very decisive day. All during the year, you've put on hold, many issues and decisions. Eventually, they need to be resolved and decided upon. Well, today is the day. It's not a day to procrastinate. It's not a day to put off making a decision. If you are going to make up your mind this year, you'd better do it real soon. And, when you think about it, isn't it a great idea to clean the slate in advance of the New Year!? [Source: Holiday Insights]

It's about making up your mind and sticking to it. It's time to stop being indecisive and make up your mind. No more putting off your decision, today's the day to finalize your thoughts and take a stand! Just remember- making up your mind makes life easier. [Source: Gone Ta Pott]

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I recently went through a long drawn out process of buying a new car –actually I was looking to replace both of ours – ended up only replacing one.  Dealerships and manufactures are not helping themselves in building loyalty and establishing any trust between the auto folks and customers.  It took several days to finalize a decision that would normally take a couple of hours (ugh). Google search returned over 550 million hits on this topic – very interesting…
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Personally, I’m of the mind set to gather my facts and make the best decision at that time. ‘Life is just too darn short to fret about things’ – was what Granny told us as kids.

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