Monday, June 3, 2013

Clean Air

By Diane Forrest 
I recently had to take a trip by airplane.  It was not a planned trip, and I was very nervous, not one who has flown before.  As I sat in my seat thinking about crashing and ducks flying into the engine, the biggest thought I had was the air that was blowing down on me from the blowhole.  I thought about the air recirculating around the plane, and all the passengers on board, and what conditions they had that they were breathing into the air too.  Well, I don't know about the filtration system on an airplane, I do know that by the time I got home I was suffering from a cold.  Something I didn't have when I left home, and something I have been fighting with using Vitamin C since I got home.

Having clean air to breathe is just a basic necessity of life.  In nursing school we learned about Maslow, and his hierarchy of needs.  Top on the list is Air, food and water.  If you don't have these things, nothing else matters.
June has been designated 'Clean Air Month' by the American Lung Association. The aim this month is to raise awareness on how low quality air can affect our health and the way we live our lives.  While we spend a major portion of our time inside, we also need to think about the pollution outside as well.  There are many states that regulate fumes from your car, Emission tests and such; also Congress regulates pollution caused by factories and what they are putting in our air.  In our homes we can use air filters to help remove pollutants, and many cities are promoting no smoking in public areas.  This month is Clean Air Month.  For more ways on how to improve your air visit the American Lung Association for more ideas.

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