Saturday, June 1, 2013

National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day – 2013

By Terry Orr

 As a kid, there were basically three primary flavors of Ice Cream - Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry - tho others existed - these were most often available and served.  Banana Splits were a wonderful treat - getting all three flavors with a banana, choice of three toppings, nuts, whip cream and a cherry on top.  That was truly a dessert heaven. Rocky Road fast became a favorite in our home and one could always find at least a half gallon of it in the freezer - gallon sizes when they were on sale.

Today is National Rocky Road Day! Rocky road ice cream is a delicious dessert with an interesting culinary history. In 1929 after the stock market crash, a man named William Dreyer (the founder of Dreyer Ice Cream) calmed his Black Thursday nerves by creating the original rocky road. He mixed chunky almonds, mini marshmallows, and delicious milk chocolate ice cream to create a new ice cream flavor that would make people smile despite the tough economic times. It instantly became an American favorite and soon became popular all over the world. (Source: Punchbowl)

According to – the 15 Most Popular Ice Creams in 2012 are:
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Chip
French Vanilla
Cookies and Cream
Vanilla Fudge Ripple
Praline Pecan
Chocolate Almond
Rocky Road
Chocolate Marshmallow

There are several different list of Top however many favorite/popular ice creams – but this list, while the order may be different, the same names seem to appear. July is National Ice Cream Month and we will endeavor to bring you more interesting information and variety of flavors and makers of ice cream.  We would like to know what your favorite ice creams are – and to share them in our article in July. Thanks!
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