Sunday, June 2, 2013

Headache Awareness

By Nurse Diane

When I chat online with a friend of mine, he is always telling me that I give him headaches asking him so many questions.  Well I do like to ask him questions because he is so smart and know something about everything, but I hope really don't give him a headache.

There are many different reasons why you might have a headache such as:
Tired, lack of sleep
Sign of other medical problems, such as elevated blood pressure
Heredity such as migraines
Physical injury
Vision problems
Change in sleep patterns
Change in hormone levels

According to the National Headache Foundation, headaches are divided into two basic categories: primary/benign (tension-type, migraine, cluster) and secondary (organically caused). All headaches fall into one of these two categories depending on their causes and symptoms.   It's not uncommon for an individual to suffer from more than one type of headache. According to Dr. Seymour Diamond, Executive Chairman of the National Headache Foundation, people with mixed headache problems -- such as migraine with tension-type headache -- are not unusual.

When seeking treatment for your headache, start with your primary care physician. Discuss his or her experience and approach to headaches, including methods of classification, diagnosis, and treatment. Your doctor may decide to recommend you to a headache specialist, depending upon your symptoms or other physical conditions (diabetes, allergies, etc.) that require a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to your headache.

This is National Headache Awareness Week.  So instead of just taking 2 aspirins and calling me in the morning, if you are having a more serious problem with headaches, call your doctor and set up a visit.  For more information visit this site:
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