Monday, September 12, 2011

National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

By Diane Forrest,

Today is another red letter day for me!  Its National Chocolate Milkshake Day!   I had to do several days of research for this topic, as you know I always like to get the best and most up to date information to you.  I tried chocolate shakes from several of our area's restaurants.  Here is what I found.  Several places have started putting whipped cream and cherries on top of their shakes.  These are really pretty and all, but totally unnecessary.  I prefer to get right down to business.  One place has started using those wax coated paper cups to serve their shakes in.  Don't like this at all!  The shake melts faster and water drips all over the place.  You have to drink it too fast and get those awful brain freeze headaches.  Some places use premixes, they just pull a lever and the shake dispenses into a cup. These will do if that is all you have available in your area, thankfully that is not the case for me.  We have two places in town, old fashion drive in's I guess you could say.  You just pull up, walk to the window, place your order and wait for your delectable treats!  Both of these places make awesome shakes, and each year they vie for the title of "Best Milkshake in Town" during the annual competition of town favorites.

Tragedy struck in the middle of July however when a 20 year old plowed his car into the Malt shop (winner of the best Milkshake competition) while trying to avoid the police.  Luckily, it happened late in the evening, and no one was hurt, physically that is.  Chocoholics across the town all cried tears of sadness for the terrible loss.  Fortunately, they quickly repaired the Malt shop, and milkshakes were once again flowing freely and a sigh of relief was heard around the world.

I remember when I was younger, my family used to take a trip to the lake every summer.  We stopped every year at a little dive in Indianola, Mississippi where they made probably the world's best Chocolate Milkshake, In fact, my father and I was just reminiscing about it yesterday.  To me, the perfect Chocolate milkshake is cold enough to have ice crystals form in it, thick enough so your cheeks cave in while sucking on the straw, and just the right amount of chocolate so that it isn't too bitter or tasteless.

I have never been able to make a perfect milkshake at home.  I have tried, but they are always lacking.  Some folks make them with chocolate ice cream, others use vanilla.  They both use chocolate syrup and milk.  My father used to make them in the blender, I have one of those stainless steel drink mixers, you know the kind with the steel cup that you place under the stirrer.  Usually the ice cream is too hard to mix it up properly.  I guess what I really need is more practice. 

So today, on Chocolate Milk Shake day, why don't you practice along with me, or stop by your favorite spot and enjoy a nice thick ice cold shake.

She is using two straws!

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