Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trying to put 9/11 into Perspective

As I sit here reflecting on the past decade since that horrible Tuesday morning - wondering what we have accomplished in making the world a safer place for all mankind.
What is the metric we use to measure how well or poorly we have done?
Does an all voluntary military force really make a difference in how they are treated or cared for upon their return home (alive or dead)?
Was/are Iraq and Afghanistan really necessary and worth it?
Have we Americans really taken a positive leadership role in peace and brining to justice those responsible for the events leading to, the act and events thereafter?
How do we put 9/11 into perspective – minus all the emotions? 
I have watch and read countless stories, interviews, studies, and reviews during the past decade.  
I worry for my grandchildren and wonder what kind of life they will have - clearly not the one I spend the past five decades supporting.
Is it possible that America can right itself?

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