Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Read a Book Day (9/6/11)

By Diane Forrest, 

The boss asked me to put my 2 cents in today on Read a Book Day.  I’m not sure why, cause he is the expert on this subject.  He and his missus are reading books every night, sometimes the same book, sometimes different ones, but they always exchange thoughts and ideas about the books they are reading, and this is something I find very cool.
I used to read all the time, it was great escaping to other places and times, new adventures.  When I was young, growing up in the delta, we didn't have video games, computers and there was only 3 channels on the TV.    I loved going to the library and checking out Nancy Drew books.   I would spend the day helping her solve a mystery along with Bess and George, and her boyfriend Ned.

When I got older, I spent most of my reading with nursing books.  Not quite as exciting as finding a clue in the old clock, but definitely informative.  After the birth of my son, I started reading to him every day.  I was told that reading to him would make him smart.  It must have worked, because he is a very intelligent young man.  I would take him to the library every week and load up my book bag with stories.   Once we finished them, we would go back for more.
    My reading slowed down after I got married and as my son grew older.  My family wanted all my attention, so I didn’t have the time to get lost in a book.  However, I would continue to read when I could, mostly Reader's Digest articles and newspapers. 
Reading is important for so many reasons.  Not only can you travel to foreign places, learn about history, meet interesting people, solve crimes and save the world, but you can also develop new thoughts, and share these thoughts with others.   Guess that's why Oprah started her book club.
Sample of different Readers

These days reading has become more accessible with the invention of the Kindle.  An electronic device that allows you to download a book and read it from a small computer screen.  I don't have one of these, but the boss can tell you more about those.  I prefer a book that I can hold in my hand and turn the pages.  It doesn't require batteries or electricity. They also look better in my book case. (Business and personal travel got me hooked on eBooks. Kindle was my first choice and got a lot of use. My bridge wanted the Kook and was fine…buy she needed a backlit screen and last November we both got the iPad.  Much more than just the eBook reader and we continue to use them daily.  When we moved to our current home a few years ago –we donated over a thousand books and still have several bookcases full of books – another reason why I like the electronic books.  They are also much lighter. When responding to the question which reader is the best – first question is what are you really looking for – as many of them are students that still require a laptop and all those eBook reader applications are available for the computers.))
If you have gotten out of the habit of reading, why not pick up a book today.  Since I am out of practice, I started with a book filled with short stories to help me ease back into reading.  So whether you like short stories, novels or even harlequin romances, Read a Book day is the best time to start reading again.
Benefits of Reading:
  • Enhance smarts;
  • Reduces Stress;
  • Greater tranquility;
  • Improved analytical thinking;
  • Increased vocabulary;
  • Improved memory;
  • Improved writing skills;
  • Helps prioritize goals; and
  • It is fun!

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