Friday, July 20, 2012

Make a Difference to a Child Month

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By Diane Forrest

When I was growing up, it was the thought of my grandparents that children should be seen and not heard, well until they were able to provide intelligent conversation.  I don't recall spending much time around adults during my youth, except for my teachers in school and church.  When my son was born, the views had completely changed.  He spent more time around adults, and was treated like his opinion mattered.  He was never around any "baby talk" and was communicated the same way as everyone else around him.  I believe this interaction allowed my son to learn and grow more than I had at his age.  He will be the first to tell you that he is smarter than his mother.  But it wasn't so much the type of interaction he was around, but the fact that the adults took the time to spend time with him.  He was surrounded by positive role models who help to teach him and mold him into the person he has become.

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My cousin has a nephew who is in college.  He spends his summers working at a camp for disabled kids in California. You can tell by his excitement when he talks about his work that he really enjoys what he is doing.  While most young men his age shy away from handicapped people, he makes an effort to look past their disabilities and reach the person instead.  The care and compassion he shows really influences these kids and makes a huge difference in their lives.
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Another friend has a granddaughter who recently spent some time as a friend's ranch.  The owner spent so much time with her teaching her about horses, caring for them, and showing her how to ride, that she now wants a horse of her own.  While I am sure she fell in love with the horses, and had a great time with them, the fact that a grown up took the time to spend with her and teach her greatly influenced her views.

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Another friend took his grandson to an amusement park recently.  He spent the afternoon with him, riding the carousel horses and watching him play other games.   He doesn't spend much time with this child, because he lives across the country.  However spending a few hours with him at an amusement park created a lifetime of memories for the child.

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July is Make a Difference to a Child Month.  It doesn't matter how you spend your time with a child.  You may have a special talent to share, or even just reading a book, or sharing a walk, the fact that you make the time will make the child feel ten feet tall, and will not only boost their confidence, but will give you a warm happy feeling inside as well.  This month, make a special effort to enjoy some time with the children in your life, and make some lasting memories for the both of you.

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