Wednesday, July 25, 2012

National Chili Hot Dog Day

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By Diane Forrest

Earlier this month we celebrated Hot Dog Day and National Chili Day, today, we are combining the two and celebrating National Chili Hot Dog Day.  Actually, it was not our idea but was started by someone else.  The National Sausage and Hot Dog Council ran a pole in 2005, they discovered that chili was the third most popular hot dog condiment, receiving 17% of the votes tallied. The chili dog’s popularity has spawned many variations, like the Coney Dog (actually from Michigan) with added onions and mustard, and the Texas Hot Dog (actually from Pennsylvania!), which is topped with hot sauce. Chili dogs are particularly popular in the western U.S., with several restaurant chains featuring them on their menus. Arizona is home to the Sonoran dog, a chili dog that’s also topped with bacon and salsa.

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We have a drive-in restaurant here that serves foot long chili hot dogs.  I like them with a little mustard and cheese.  I will order one with fresh made onion rings and a thick chocolate milk shake and I can't think of a better tasting meal.  There is a quote that when something is described as being American, it is said to be as American and baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. Though it seems like it is normally only served in areas in America, many European countries are starting to eat the dish as well including, Germany, Greece and France.
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Today is National Chili Hot Dog Day, so do yourself a favor and have one or two today.

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