Monday, February 25, 2013

Are U a Responsible Pet Owner?

By Terry Orr

February in National Responsible Pet Owners month and this is our 2013 follow-up to last years article. We love our pets and consider them part of our family - and often refer to them as our four-legged children.

They love us unconditionally and as pet owners, we must do our part in taking care of them.  While doing updated research for this article, came upon an different web site - Bikers Against Animal Cruelty (BAAC) follow the link below and please spend a few moments reading their "Are you a Responsible Pet Owner?"article.

At times, we humans get wrapped up in things and forget that our Pets need some quality "TLC" - often finding unique ways to get our attention.

I believe our Pets can teach us many things about life and love - if only we will take time and learn.

Sure a wonder picture and caption. 

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