Sunday, February 10, 2013

Extraterrestrial Week – Do you believe?

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By Terry Orr

UFOs to Extraterrestrial Visitations! 
What do you think? Are they out there? Are they already among us? Have they visited before? Will they return? Did they bring us here? If so, why?

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Five Questions We Should Answer Before Making Alien Contact [IGNITE.ME]:
1 How would our spiritual or religious beliefs change?
2 Will we have an identity crisis?
3 If they have similar or superior technologies and weapons, how will we react?
4 How will our relationships with other earth nationalities be affected?
5 What will they see when they look at us?
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Top 10 Interesting Questions about Aliens []:
10 – Appearance?
09 – Energy?
08 – What’s their Story?
07 – Expectations of Us?
06 – How Intelligent?
05 – Developed AI?
04 – Cognition and Emotion?
03 – Knowledge of the Universe?
02 – Prolonging Existence?
01 – Where are they?

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  1. Knowing how our world leaders think, their first thoughts would be: how to conquer them and take over their planet for our so called safety and preservation.