Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Read to your Child Day – and Every Day

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By Diane Forrest

When my son was born, the first piece of advice she gave me was to read to him every day.  Well I took her advice, and not only did he excel in school, but 25 years later he still reads!  I read somewhere that you should read to your child 20 minutes every day...well I never put a time limit on reading.  I wanted him to enjoy books, and I would read to him for as long as he wanted, and he would usually want to read.  I would take him to the library and check out at least 25 books at a time, sometimes he got the same books over and over again.    And as he got older, he started reading the books to me.
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I continued the reading tradition with my stepson's children.  They always got their kids toys for birthdays and Christmas, and were always complaining about running out of room, so I would send books to them, starting out with a children's Bible, and continuing with the classics.  In today's world, people are so busy with extracurricular activities, technology such as computers, video games, and television, that sometimes, just snuggling up on a couch, or tucking a child in bed at night, books are sometimes overlooked.  Reading with your child will not only form a special bond with them but will also expand their knowledge and vocabulary, and learning skills.
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So today, if you have a child, take some time and read to them, if you aren't around any children, send some books to them and encourage their parents to read to them.  One of my stepson's favorite gifts from my husband is the recordable book my husband made before he passed away.  He read the night before Christmas for his grandson, and he listened to it nightly.
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Read to your child today, and start the roadwork for a brighter future.

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