Friday, February 15, 2013

Time Management – Yikes!

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By Terry Orr

Time management, in one form or another, impacts nearly every aspect of our lives and those around us.  The challenge is facing most of us – getting the important things done.
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There are many people who make a living helping others with Time Management.  There are many Books, Blogs, Web Sites, Seminars, Conferences, Coaches, Trainers, and many other means of assisting others how to manage their time better.

Top 5 Time Management Tips By: Anastasiya Day

1.     To do list
2.     Know when you work best
3.     Make it east to get started
4.     Postpone unnecessary activities until the work is done!
5.     Organize and schedule time for emails

I like Anastasiya’s list for several reasons, first they a logical, streamlined and easy to remember. Second, it took my years to figure out #2 – know when you work best – I would just showed up to work and went at it. Later in life, I learned that there are times through the day in which different skills/traits were best than others. Thirdly, #4 was all too easy to escape from the boring task I was working.  And finally, emails!  Texting is also another area where I need to get a handle on.  I check my email three or four times per hour – a habit from my earlier days in project and line management.
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Jessica Miller-Merrell [blogging4jobs] offers two additional helpful tips: 1) Use Technology to your advantage and 2) Ask for the Agenda.  They are excellent points and Jessica provides meaningful descriptions in her article.
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In closing, the one person who I was able to connect with and follow his principles was the late Stephen R. Covey. They rang true, made sense and have worked for me.
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Good luck and let us know what method of ‘time management’ works for you. Thank you and wishing you a wonderful day.

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