Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Waitstaff Day!! 2013 Update

By Terry Orr

This is the third year we have selected this topic to write about – we believe the vast majority of our reading audience has many funny and sad tails to share from their experiences when dining out.  The results of the survey provided below are very believable and seem to reflect my experiences as well.

According to has revealed how service impacts dining experiences, just in time for National Waitstaff Day on May 21. A recent survey by the company found waitstaff, good or bad, can make or break a dining experience. In fact, nearly all respondents (95 percent) say outstanding service can “make” their meal.

Additional survey findings include:

Nearly three-quarters of people (74 percent) have a preferred server at their favorite dining establishment and more than half (56 percent) have requested a particular server while dining out.
More than nine in ten (91 percent) of survey respondents prefer their server check on their table once or twice after the food arrives. Only six percent prefer a server to check often, and even fewer respondents (2 percent) prefer to call out if they need something.
When it comes to a server’s skills seven out of ten (72 percent) consumers are impressed when a server correctly remembers which member of the party ordered which dish.
Over half of those surveyed (62 percent) have contacted a restaurant or written a review about an exceptional server while just half (51 percent) will do the same about poor service.

I for one could never do their job.  Some of those customers would cause me to lose my self-control and escort them out the door and onto the sidewalk (big smile). For those good to excellent servers we get from time to time – please be sure they know that, that they are tipped will and if you have time, let their manager know. For those who are on the other end of the spectrum – also be sure the manager is aware – only way to improve or remove.

On a personal note, a special thanks to Ibeth, Sunny and Athena who make our dining experience so enjoyable.

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