Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trauma Awareness

By Nurse Diane

A few days ago near Fort Worth, Texas in a small town called Granbury, an E4 tornado ripped through the community leaving six people dead, seven missing and injuring an undetermined number of people.  Trauma happens when you least expect it.  You could be in a vehicle accident, sporting accident, natural disaster, or even doing things around your home.

During these events, it is comforting to know there is a team of people who are knowledgeable to help you in any situation.  That is why May is National Trauma Awareness Month. Established by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, National Trauma Awareness Month is a time for all of us to appeal to our state and federal lawmakers to support funding for trauma research and provide resources to local trauma centers. It’s also a good time to provide injury prevention messages to the public and to publicize the locations of trauma centers.

National Trauma lists several ways that you can help with trauma awareness.  Below are some of the suggestions they have:
  • Write to Congressional Appropriations Committee members to ask for their support of federal spending for trauma research.
  • Send thank you notes to legislators for their past support of funding for trauma research and ask for their continued support.
  • Include recent trauma statistics in patient newsletters and flyers
  • Publish safety reminders in local papers
  • Publicize Trauma Center locations and facts

For more information and ideas on how to help, visit this site:

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