Sunday, May 26, 2013


By Diane Forrest

Have you ever come up with an idea and thought..."Wow" I should invent this, and make a lot of money?
My father has told me many times that he had thought of roller blades long before they hit the big time - he always beats himself up over the fact that he missed this golden opportunity.   I have always kept the secret from him that I had seen the same skates in a museum many years ago and were famous long before my father was even born.

This is National Inventor's Month.  It was changed to May from the original month of August to better align with the academic calendar.  To get in all the ideas before the end of the school year in other words.  Recently I was reading about a young inventor on yahoo.  The story is enclosed below:
A teenager from Saratoga, California took home one of the top prizes at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair late last week after showing off her invention, which can fully charge a cell phone in 30 seconds or less. Eesha Khare was given the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award and a $50,000 prize for being runner-up in the competition, which was won by a 19-year-old who unveiled a new spin on self-driving car technology. Khare’s battery technology requires a new component to be installed inside the phone battery itself, and Intel notes that it also has potential applications for car batteries.

I have always heard that Invention is the Mother of Necessity.  This month is your chance.  If you have any ideas that would make a part of your life a little easier or better, get started on it.  Here is a site where you can check into ways on how to start your invention:

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