Monday, May 6, 2013

Work-at-Home Moms Week

By Terry Orr

So you wanta work at home?  I get it and do it – as are some of my family and friends.  What a relief to avoid the daily commutes to and from the office – especially in over crowed metro areas like Washington, DC.  Regardless of your gender, status and station in life – working from home either part-or-full-time is a blessing.

One of the reason’s I chose to become a blogger upon my retirement – I can do it from anywhere! Be it on the deck, patio, in a car or plane, on a cruise, at a ballgame or in my home office where I am writing the article.

Opportunities are endless from my perspective and finding those little nuggets of meaningful and worthwhile employment from home or flexible work hours and days in growing in leaps and bounds.

Disney’s Family web site offers 10 Great Ways for Moms to Make Money at Home – and I like number 4 - Work your computer. Editing, copywriting, blogging, designing websites, bookkeeping, being a virtual assistant: There are a plethora of money-making possibilities.

3 Boys and a Dog recently published an interesting article – “How to Find Legitimate Work at Home Mom Jobs!”

Another excellent article on this subject comes from – A Practical Wedding“Reclaiming Wife: The Work From Home Mom.” 

Working from home is clearly not for everyone – for those of us who enjoy it and can afford doing so – a true blessing indeed.

We loved to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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