Sunday, May 1, 2011

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A new month, May is full of many events, activities, observance and other interesting things to share with our beloved readers.  It is also the week prior to our family cruise which will depart on Sunday, May 8th for a week in the Atlantic. Granddaughter, daughter, son-in-law, grandma and I are all mentally sync for this trip.  So let us share with you what we have planned for this week – knowing things can changes, but this is what on our plate to deliver.

Mother Goose an all time favorite with young and old – stories to share and to tell over and over.

May Day is celebrated all over and in many different ways – but a lot of us it’s the blooming of the flowers that gets our juices flowing.

Melanoma Monday:  The number one form of cancer is skin cancer.  There are over 1 million new cases every year!  It has also been estimated that nearly half of all Americans who live to age 65 will develop skin cancer at least once.

 National Truffle Day: Delicious dessert made with a chocolate gouache center that is then coated in chocolate powder. Talk about a piece of chocolate heaven!

World & National Asthma Day is both celebrated this week and our team will cover these observances.  This year’s theme, of World Asthma Day 2011 will be "You Can Control Your Asthma."

National Teacher Day is also celebrated this week and time to break out the soap box for these brave men and women who put forth a tremendous effort to teach our children (and grandchildren) who are grossly under paid and many lack the tools they desperately need to carry out their jobs.

International Firefighters Day to honor and support firefighters who risk their lives every day to help their communities.  As many of you know, my son-in-law Darrin in Seattle is a fireman. It is a special day that I take pride in recognizing and give my sincere thanks to all the men and women do this job.

 Cinco de Mayo has been a celebrated holiday since May 5, 1862 after the unexpected victory over the French army.

National Nurses Week begins on the 6th of May and is also Nurses Day that ends on the 12th.  Like other important dates in life, birthday, anniversary, when you first met your spouse and where, this celebration is also high on my dates to remember.  My wife is a nurse.  Diane is a nurse and several other friends are nurses or in the process of becoming one.  We will do our best to help celebrate!

Mothers Day – A very special day and we all give thanks to our mothers.

Did you know?

Brothers and Sisters Day is a day to cherish your siblings that is celebrated on May 2. Sure, there's times when you love your brothers and sisters. And, there's times when you want to disown them. All in all, having a brother and/or a sister or two is invaluable. The older you get, the more you learn to appreciate them.
National Hoagie Day is celebrated every May 5th and was created to give us a special day to enjoy and celebrate a big, tasty hoagie. You know of this big sandwich as a hoagie, a sub or a hero. And, it's a regular on most diets in America. People eat them for lunch, dinner, and even as a late night snack. It's a quick meal or people on the go.
National Train Day is celebrated on May 9th. The year 1869 was a really exciting time in America. The Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads were speeding across the wild, American frontier, laying tracks for what would soon become the first Transcontinental rail line.

Other things going on in the Month of May are:
·       Date Your Mate Month
·       Foster Care Month
·       National Barbecue Month
·       National Bike Month
·       National Hamburger Month
·       National Photograph Month
·       Older Americans Month
·       First Newspaper Cartoon was in 1754
·       Butterscotch Brownie on May 9
·       Fruit Cocktail on May 13
·       Friday 13 on May 13
·       First Nickel Day on May 16, 1866 and was called ‘Shield Nickel’
·       Also on the 16th is Sea Monkey Day
·       Cheese Soufflé on May 18
·       Visit Your Relatives Day on May 18
·       Strawberries and Cream on May 21
·       Lucky Penny on May 23r
·       Escargot day is May 24t
·       Wine Day on May 25t
·       Blueberry Cheesecake on May 26
·       Grape Popsicle on May 27

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