Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

A Poem for Mothers, and Mine

The love of a mother is beyond compare
One who dearly loves and is always there
From scraped knees
To falls from trees
A mother cares for all
From “I told you so”
To “That’s a no-no! ”
A mother answers the call
Mothers cook, mothers clean, some even work a job
Even with all their strength, a mother still knows how to sob
Mothers should be honored for all they have done
Every day of the year, not just one
There is nothing better than a mother’s love
For her time on this earth thank God above
A mother’s love endures forever
Its unbreakable bonds no on can sever
No matter how much I have grown
My mother’s love is always shown
She has become a mentor and a guide
Within her always I am able to confide
No better payment for her I can find
Then to love her with heart, and with mind
To the one who bore me; I share my emotion
To the one who raised me; Absolute devotion
To this woman I express my joy
You will always be my “mommy” and I your “baby boy”

Glaedr the poet

Special Mother's Day Wishes for:

My beautiful wife - Pat

My wonderful daughters and daughter in law - Jen, Nina and Shelly

Sisters & Sister in laws - Beverly, Phillis, Debbie, Dee Dee

Niece - Jessie,

My good friends - Cindy, Toni Z, Toni O, Diane, Densie, Robin M, Robin D, Ereline, Kelli A, Leonor, Linet, Nancy H, Nancy B,

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