Saturday, May 28, 2011

Revive the Romance

by Diane Forrest

May has been designated at Date your Mate Month.  While it is late in the month, you still have plenty of time to whisk your mate off to a wonderful evening or afternoon, or even morning date.  While it may not be a holiday officially passed by Congress, it is a time for you to rekindle the passion and joy you experienced while you were dating and renew the feelings you had when you fell in love.  Some activities you can do are:

Let food help you revive the romance:

  • An elegant dinner at a romantic restaurant 
  • A candlelight dinner at home
  • A return to "your special place"  for an memory meal
  • Visit an ice cream parlor, enjoy a banana split together
  • Enjoy a picnic in the park
  • Whisk your mate away from the office for a midday meal  together, maybe at a park

Do something fun:
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go to a carnival, ride the rides, eat as if you were a teenager, take a chance on winning a prize, hold hands while walking around
  • There are numerous Spring festivals to take your mate to
  • Spend a day in the park, throw a Frisbee, play horseshoes, spin your mate on the merry-go-round, enjoys swinging side by side
  • Play a game of miniature golf
  • Take a scenic drive, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and the pleasure of being  together
  • Visit a museum, art gallery, public garden, or some place of mutual interest
  • Enjoy movie night, either at home alone or at a theater

Revive the romance:

  • Take your mate to what used to be "your special place"
  • Send a romantic card
  • Give her flowers 
  • Leave a love note or note of gratitude for your mate to find each day of the month
  • Escape the daily routine for an afternoon rendezvous
  • Spend a night away from home and make romance the

Main thing is, enjoy the time with your mate, and let them know how special they are to you, and that you would marry them all over again!

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