Sunday, May 8, 2011

This week on Keeping it Simple

Greetings fellow reads for the Chesapeake Bay aboard the Carnival Pride heading out into the Atlantic Ocean this Sunday, May 8, 2011 Mother’s day.   My wonderful wife Pat, our daughter Nina, her husband Greg and their beautiful daughter (granddaughter) Audrey are on a one week cruise. We will make port in Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Freeport, Bahamas before returning home next Sunday morning.  This is the first cruise for the rest of them and my first pleasure cruise (lots of years at sea on those ‘flat-top’ gray ships that were mobile landing decks.

On tap for the coming week, as we look into our crystal ball are:
·         Diane is going to write an interesting article about shrimp – one of my favorite items to eat

·         We will also celebrate National Receptionist Day -  believe me folks, the vast majority earn every penny the get and then some.

·         Another fun topic and new one for me, ‘Eat What You Want Day.’  Now some folks would say I do that anyway (it is probably true some days) but I do try and watch what I am eating.

·         Flying Kites has been one of those really neat things to do, especially in the spring.  Diane will share some interesting tales with us.

·         A great deal of effort has gone into preparing something special for Limericks Day.  Any  idea how difficult it is to find good ones, that are G-rated?

·         What can be more American than Apple Pie – Diane will share her favorite recipe.

·         Have you ever heard of folks celebrating ‘Dance like a Chicken’?

·         Another good topic – National Chocolate Chips.  Warm, fresh out of the oven and a nice glass of milk

·         To wrap up the week a tribute to the men and women in law enforcement – Police Officer’s Memorial.

Lots of folks visited our little blog site and we thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving your comments.  We sincerely appreciate them.  Wish all a wonderful week.

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  1. It sounds like you all will have a wonderful time!