Friday, November 30, 2012

Eat a Red Apple Day 2012

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An Apple a day, keeps the Doctor Away!

By Terry Orr
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A few months ago, one of our grocery store started carrying mini red apples – they are delicious and perfect single serving size!

Red Apple Facts:

Red apple trees bear fruit at age for or five, and can live to be 200 years old
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Pectin is a beneficial component of red apples; it reduces the absorption of cholesterol and fights heart disease.

Apples have a high nutritional value to keep you healthy. The peel alone contains antioxidants that help reduce damaged cells and fight some diseases. Apples are also fat, sodium, and cholesterol free!
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Did you know that there are 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world? They can come in a variety of shapes, flavors, and colors including all shades of red, green, and yellow.

I love all variety apples and try to eat at least three a week.  This delicious fruit can be eaten raw, cooked, baked, or juiced. Apples are one of the few fruits that you can find fresh any time of the year.
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Go ahead - help yourself to one of nature’s true wonders!

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