Friday, November 30, 2012

Stay home because you are well day

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By Diane Forrest

Wow...there has been alot going on the past few days.  First there was Thanksgiving, preparing the food, cooking, baking, and buying groceries.  Cleaning the house, having company over and spending the day entertaining.  Then Black Friday, which actually started Thanksgiving evening at some stores, rushing around with the throngs of people and waiting in lines outside in the cold damp air trying to find the best deals on items you wanted to surprise your family with at Christmas.  Next there was Cyber Monday, searching online for more holiday specials.  After all that shopping, you decide to start wrapping your gifts and decorating your home for the Christmas season.  Well, I don’t know if that’s how you spent the past week, but that sums up my experiences.
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With all that hustle and bustle. You need to take a little time off and recharge your batteries.  I think that is why this day was created.  Today is Stay home because you are well day.  Of course, if your job is so demanding that taking a day off is not an option, then we don't recommend it.  Getting fired before Christmas would be a terrible thing. However, if you have some sick time or vacation time saved up, take some time for yourself.  Refresh yourself and watch some Christmas movies, order a pizza and relax for the day.  Tomorrow the holidays start in full swing, and the stress of getting everything ready will be enough to drive you take the day to arm yourself with a little peace and quiet before things start to get out of hand. 

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Relax, and have a great day off!

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