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November is Healthy Skin Month

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By Nurse Diane

After giving birth to my son, my face seemed to dry out.  It was dry, flakey and painful.  I tried all kinds of moisturizers and beauty products to help this problem, and I finally found Clinique moisturizer.  A hypo allergic product that didn't burn when I rubbed it on my face.  The dryness was gone, and I have used it every day since.  It not only protects my skin, but moisturizes it and gives me a healthy glow. With the birth of each of my husband’s grandchildren, I have also gifted their mothers with a set of Clinique soap and moisturizer to start them on the way to good skin care.
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The skin is the body's first line of defense against diseases and infections. Any break in the skin's integrity will allow evil germs and bacteria an opening to your body.  Not only is it important to care for cuts or scrapes, but to prevent any type of skin damage.  The use of sun screen is important when you are outside, not only does it prevent the sun's rays from burning your skin, but also prevents the UV rays that can cause types of skin cancer.

With the winter months ahead, the skin can become dry with the use of artificial heat.  Dry skin can become dry and flaky.  Applying a lotion to the skin helps to prevent openings that allow germs to enter.  My father has the tendency to place his elbows on his desk or table.  This causes them to become chaffed and dry.  When I notice this, I grab his tube of lotion and apply it to his elbows and arms.

There are many types of lotions available.  There are some that are scented, and some for medical use.  One of the best things I have tried is Aquaphor.  this is a very thick petroleum lubricant that I use on my feet and hands.  After I rub some on, I will cover with socks and gloves to prevent it from getting everywhere.

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The lotions available help the outside of the skin, but water and good nutrition helps the skin from the inside out. Make sure that you not only drink plenty of water, but that you eat a well-balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals to help the skin maintain that healthy glow.

November is Healthy Skin Month.  Using this month to be aware of your skin and use proper precautions to keep your skin healthy will be a great way to start a lifelong routine in proper skin care.  For an extra tip, I recently read an article about the use of honey and cinnamon for the care of pimples and other skin infections.  The directions from fatal are as follows:
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PIMPLES: Three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it off the next morning with warm water. When done daily for two weeks, it removes all pimples from the root.

SKIN INFECTIONS: Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected parts cures eczema, ringworm and all types of skin Infections.

If you don’t have a regular skin care routine -start one this month and keep your skin healthy and happy.

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