Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting it Together

By Akindman,

Mobile Brains
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As I continue to modify and establish a new routine as a retired person, breaking old habits has harder to do than expected.  For example – I have been using the Covey (Franklin/Covey) or similar method for keeping my calendar, contacts, and important information for over 30 years. My notebook was often referred to as ‘my mobile brains’ and without it, well – things got difficult.

Digital Mobile Brains
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In 2011 I moved away from the daily calendar to a weekly one – while making that transition was more complicated than expected – overall it was beginning to work.  Then in April, I got an iPhone – so what better time to migrate to a smartphone!  Makes sense, right? Well….perhaps.  So for 2012, I have not purchased any paper calendars and forcing myself to use my smartphone – to be one with the digital environment.

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January has also been the month in which I set about setting goals on getting things around the home front organized and get rid of the old, and things that are no longer needed.  Clean up the files, file things that have yet to be filed, especially the tax related stuff, and “clutter control” everywhere.

While doing some research for this article, I found this interesting checklist that you might find helpful.  Another handy site to visit is

We will check back with you later in the month to compare notes and see how you folks are doing and to report our status as well.  Good luck!

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  1. I think its great that you are getting organized, and it's really brave to relying solely on electronics! I am terrified of a crash or some malfunction that will wipe everything away, so I still write things down as well as save on my phone and computer and thumb drive! I am still not as trusting as you are. ..I guess thats why I still have alot of clutter!