Monday, January 2, 2012

Motivation & Inspiration

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By Akindman,

January 2nd is National Motivation & Inspiration Day. It was passed by The United States Congress after the tragic events of 9-11-01. The intent of the day is to help people become the very best U that U can be, through "taking action to make things happen. This year's focus is to have 10 million young adults create their goals on National Motivation & Inspiration Day, Monday, January 2nd. They have created 2 Success Calendar Apps available for download. In addition, Motivate America and National Motivation & Inspiration Day has announced this year’s recipients of The American Motivation Awards, “honoring motivational, inspirational and patriotic leaders in America.

This Monday, January 2nd is National Motivation & Inspiration Day, a day created by Kevin L. McCrudden, President of Motivate America, Inc. a Long Island, NY company focused on motivational, leadership and training programs for businesses, schools, athletic teams and individuals. or

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