Thursday, January 12, 2012

National Pharmacist Day

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By Akindman,

My brother-in-law Jim has been a pharmacist for nearly 40 years and last year he sold his pharmacy/drug store in Butler, Mo.  He is working a couple days a week helping out the new owners and a local nursing home.

National Pharmacist Day is celebrated on January 12th. The day is dedicated to the pharmacists who play a very important role in medical care. A pharmacist is the person who has the knowledge of the chemical composition of all medicines. They are the ones who can explain you about all the aspects of the prescribed medicines and the side-effects of the drugs. There are people who have to take lots of drugs together. The pharmacists can only realize and warn you about the inter-action of drugs together. National Pharmacist Day is about recognizing the important role of the pharmacists. If you are visiting a pharmacy on the day, make sure that you wish your pharmacist a very happy National Pharmacist Day.

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Happy Pharmacist Day Jim and all those dedicated men and women who ensure we get the right medication!!

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