Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enjoy the Beauty

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By Akindman,

The study of birds has been a fashionable pastime ever since the Victorian Era, and the term “bird watching” first appeared as the title of a book in 1901. According to a 2009 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey, today, one in every five Americans is a birdwatcher. This is defined as anyone who has traveled for the primary purpose of observing birds or has closely observed and identified birds around the home.

Our bird feeding station
 In our home – my wife and I enjoy watching the birds as do our three cats. When we were house hunting a few years ago, one important criterion was ‘nature friendly’ neighborhood - our home backs into protected woodland and there are many trees, shrubs and plants surrounding us.  Outside my home office, our landscaping team directions were to make it bird and bee friendly. It is also squirrel, chipmunk, fox, deer, raccoon and opossum friendly.  Bird feeding station and bird bath are also located there. This also provides excellent entertainment for our three cats – as they sit by the window, patio doors and watch nature – also known as ‘Kitty TV’.

Stream and Pond
 for all our critters

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