Saturday, January 28, 2012

National Clean Up Your Computer Month

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By Akindman,
10 Ways to Clean Up Your PC and Digital Life:

  • Sort your computer files by year;
  • Find the bottom of your inbox;
  • Change the passwords for your bank accounts, email accounts, and computer;
  • Dump Your Cache;
  • Delete Unnecessary Files;
  • Offload Some Files (Back Up and Delete);
  • Tune Up;
  • Kill off or consolidate old email addresses;
  • Update your profile picture; and
  • Turn on the date, time, and location features for your cameras.
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For more details, please visit,2817,2398164,00.asp.  Or you can do what I have done.  I have hired a computer guy to make on-site visits twice a year and do some remote work as necessary.

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