Monday, April 4, 2011

Family Tradition!

by Diane Forrest, RN

I read a story one day about this girl who was cooking a roast for her fiance's family.  She took the cut of beef and cut an inch off each end before cooking it.  Her fiance asked why she did that.  She said, well that's the way my mother does it.  Not satisfied with the answer, he called her mother to see what the purpose was for cutting off an inch of the meat.  Her answer was, well...that's the way my mother did it.   He then contacted grandma and asked, can you tell me why you cut an inch off a roast before cooking it?  Her answer was simply, so it would fit in my pan!

Each family has traditions.  Some are old and longstanding, such as reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve, or attending Midnight Mass.  Families also add new traditions when a new member is added to the family. 
My great grandmother had a son who moved to California.  Being unable to come home for the holidays every year, he would send a box of See's chocolate.  As far as my great grandmother was concerned, it could have been a pot of gold, it was just as special to her.   As she had a large family, 7 kids, their spouses and children, she would allow each one of us to pick 1 piece.  This was a very special traditional ceremony that took place every year much to the delight of many family members.  After she passed away, there was no more packages of See's candy arriving in the mail.  We would talk about it every year, reminiscing about the huge box of chocolates, and difficulty of picking just one piece.  

A few years ago, I was thinking about that candy, so searched for it online.  Low and behold, I could order it and have it delivered here!  I decided to surprise my mother and present her with her own box at excited with anticipation of the memories she would recall.  Christmas morning, as I was perched on the edge of my chair watching for the glee in her eyes....she was happy, and surprised, but...not quite the overwhelming happiness I had expected.  I later found out after questioning my aunt what the problem was.  It wasn't the BIG box!  Some changes in tradition is a good thing, some are not.  

My lesson learned, don't scrimp on chocolate!
Family traditions help define who we are, leave a lasting impression on the generations to follow.  What are your family's traditions and memories you have from them?

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  1. A great post. One thing I know for sure is never to scrimp on chocolate. :-)