Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Visit to the Lord's Clinic

(Yes dear readers, below is another email worth share and we hope you enjoy.)

I have never seen it worded like this;
I really liked it .... hope you do too!!!

Hello, sorry to bother you, but it is very urgent! I have a friend who came from far away and need a place to stay. As well, I suggested your place. I ask you to receive and love him. His name is Jesus Christ. Now say quietly: You can enter, Lord, I need you, cleanse my heart with your blood and bless my family.

When He gets to your PC, escort Him to the next stop.
Please don't allow Him to sleep on your PC.
The message He's carrying is very important and needs to get around.
May God bless you! AMEN.

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  1. So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.