Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sassy finds a new home!

Hello there, I'm Sassy and I got a new home today!

Saturday afternoon at our local pet store, in a kennel, sat a beautiful cat named Sassy.  Her card read in part:  “...Sweet and affectionate lap cat, very playful  ...” She loved on us big time, clearly a sign that going home with us would just be fine with her.

My wife (Pat) filled out all the adoption paperwork, I played with Sassy and paid her fees, then into the cat carrier into and off we went home.  She was very pleased that we took her out of the carrier in the car, was held with lots of TLC and observed all sorts of things on the way home.  We soon found out there her little motor was working overtime – purring up a storm.

Once we arrived home, Pat put Sassy in granddaughter’s (Audrey) bedroom to allow her to adjust to her new surrounding.  Sassy was one very thirsty kitty, nearly drank the entire bowl of water.

Hi there, I'm Isaac
Isaac, always the hunter, will be ever on the watch with the arrival of Sassy. 

Isaac and Sassy have been getting acquainted under the door – they will be formally introduced to one another after dinner.  We will let Sassy remain in Audrey’s room tonight and run free in the house tomorrow.

We are hopeful that they will adjust to one another quickly and become good friends and enjoy one anothers company.

Our first meeting

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  1. Sassy and Isaac are both so cute. I am sure they will get along fine together.