Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tornado's - Deadly Storms Hit the South

We mourn for those who lost family and friends, homes, property during these series of deadly storms; you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Reading the accounts, watching the news, looking at still pictures and watching videos of the swath and aftermath is hard to imagine for many who have never been in a tornado.  The 1996 movie "Twister" with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton provided excellent documentation and video of just how dangerous these storms can be and can happen any time day or night.

I remember one winter, that a Tornado touched down in Illinois, during a snow thunder storm killing several people and leaving hundreds homeless.  I asked my Dad, how will they survive in cold and the snow.  I had never heard of them and he explained that a twister can happen at anytime.

EF-5 Tornado’s hit Deep South, first EF-5 in three years.  So what does EF-5 mean?

In our earlier article on Tornado’s ( we discuss what they are, what to do during a tornado, and to know where you should go for protection.

I grew up in the mid-west and tornado’s were just another fact of live you learn to deal with them. We had a basement in most of our homes and the southwest corner was always kept clean for that reason.  Flash lights, bottles of water, transistor radio, blankets, first aide kits, matches and lots of batteries are always on hand. .If someone yells “HAIL” in our home, there is a mad rush to the basement by everyone, including our cats.

The recent outbreak of tornados really brings home the need for everyone to be prepared, regardless of where you live or are, to know where to go in the event of sever storms.

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  1. This is very near and dear to my heart, It affected my freinds, family and old hometown. I was just reading another story about the recovery and a woman made this comment. ""If you don't have any bad times, how are you going to appreciate the good times?"
    Wish we could all have attitudes such as this in a time of crisis