Friday, April 22, 2011

My First Crush

by Diane Forrest, RN

It was summertime in the 1970's, in a small Mississippi Delta town.  Two brothers, The Keane Brothers, a singing group in their teens, came to sign autographs at a local department store.  It was the biggest thing to happen there in a long time, well that I can remember in my 13 years of life.  The store was packed with young girls screaming and swooning and hoping to get autographs and pictures taken with the idols.  Much like today's girls having Beiber fever.   

Since I got there early, I was one of the first in line.  While waiting my turn I saw something that changed my life.  The boys, these teen idols, were kissing their fans!  Being quiet shy, I presented my photo for their signature, and turned away, not daring to ask for a kiss.  I didn't walk far when I thought to myself.  If I don't do this, I will always regret it!  So, I mustered up enough courage to turn around, march back up to the desk, and ask for a kiss!  That would be my very first kiss.    I don't remember much after that, I remember going weak in the knees, and walking in what seemed to be fog.  I could barely hear the muffled sounds of the girls still screaming to get their turn with the boys.

Not long after that I remembered they were on a television show, it was a variety show, it only had 3 episodes, and they were only in the first one.  But I remained glued to the set, butterflies in my stomach and not daring to blink.  Thus began my first of many crushes I would experience over the next 30 years.

Everyone has experienced a crush at one time or another.  That feeling of butterflies in your stomach, your heart racing, palms sweating, goose bumps on your arm.    Nobody knows why or when it will happen, sometimes its at first sight with a perfect stranger.  Your eyes meet for a moment and it takes your breath away.  Sometimes it can happen over time with someone you have know forever.
Crushes are fun, exciting, and make you feel alive.  Sometimes though, having a crush can be a complicated thing.  I recently found a blog where men and women wrote about their crush experiences.  Most of these entries were made by married people, or the object of their crush was married.  The ongoing theme of these post were basically, having a crush is exhilarating, but something best kept to yourself.  Being in a long term relationship may sometime get dull, boring and monotonous.   You lose your spark.  These people had fun fantasizing for a while, but in the end they chose to forgo these butterfly symptoms and remember the time their significant other gave them butterflies, and begin to rekindle the spark with them.

Acting on a crush only leads to heartbreak and disappointment.  Not only do you hurt the people you care the most about, but the reality is never as exciting as the fantasy.
So, enjoy the crush for the moment, the  weak knees, the pounding heart beats, the goose bumps and sweaty palms.  Then, put your feet back on the ground and appreciate the relationships you have and move on.

Do you have a crush experience to share?


  1. That was so long ago. I guess maybe in the first grade I had a bit of a crush on the pastor's son. :-)

  2. Been there done that too paster had 6 sons!!!