Saturday, June 25, 2011


Its 7:00 AM. and 84 degrees.  Looks like it’s gonna be another scorcher, Summer time is here!  This month we have tried to focus on being aware of summer time concerns such as drowning, sunburns, kids home alone, bug bites and skin rashes.  Another big concern is dehydration.  Here in the south it gets unbearably hot and many people I know work outside doing construction work, yard work, road work and other various jobs.  These folks have learned to be prepared and have plenty of water on hand.  For those who do not make a living in the summer time heat, they may not be as prepared.

Here are some signs of dehydration:
  • Dry or sticky mouth
  • Low or no urine output; concentrated urine appears dark yellow
  • Not producing tears
  • Sunken eyes
  • Lethargy or comatose with severe dehydration

Tests to check for dehydration include:
  • rapid heart rate
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Blood Pressure that drops from a sitting to standing position
  • Poor skin turgor
  • delayed capillary refill
  • Shock
  • Blood and urine tests can also determine dehydration

Treatment for dehydration is simply drinking water or electrolyte fluids such as gatoraid or sports drinks.    Do not try to drink too much at once, especially for small children.  This can cause vomiting.  Take small sips at a time.  More severe dehydration my require IV fluids.

Even when healthy, drink plenty of fluid every day. Drink more when the weather is hot or you are exercising.  If you plan on being out for the day take plenty of water with you.
Have fun in the sun, but be safe too!

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