Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June is Effective Communication Month

In today’s Politically Correct (PC) society, it has become increasingly more difficult to communicate effectively.  My approach to communicating with others is fairly straight forward and to the point. I believe in open and honest discussions, and always try to tell the truth, because it’s too hard to remember anything other than the truth.

In business, after having a verbal conversation with others, I frequently follow up with an email that covers the silent points and send that to the other participates for their review and comments and for a record copy of that discussion.  Over the top? Over kill?  Take a moment to review the past couple of months where you had a verbal conversation and later there were issue due to misunderstanding and or misinterpretations.

In my written correspondence, I try to have someone read what I have wrote to make sure I am conveying the correct message and that it is understandable.  When I’m deep in thought and fingers are pecking away on the keyboard, my mind knows exactly what I want to convey – but my finger are not always in sync or I make an ‘assumptions’ or two that really confesses the heck out of others.

There are a lot of talent people who spend their lives helping others to communicate better.  How effective do you communicate with others?  Ask someone who will be honest and straight forward with you.  After all, it is for your benefit!

Look at those around you in your daily life, can you tell who are the effective communicators?

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