Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day

Are you a cat lover or know someone who is? Today is the official day for people who love these purring, cuddling creatures. 

They curl up next to you on the couch after you've had a long day at work and keep you company when you are lonely.

It is a proven fact that hugs from animals lower a person's blood pressure and decrease stress. 

So go ahead, give your cat a nice big hug, some extra grooming, and a little catnip. 

Pets, especially cats it seems know before we do that we are not feeling well.

As I have mentioned from time to time here on KISBYTO that our cats consider themselves like anyone else living and or visiting our home. Before Pat and I were married, she gave me Misty, a little white, long haired cutie who brought hours of enjoyment. 

We learned the hard way it seems early on that pets need playmates, so it wasn't long before Patches blessed our home with love and enjoyment.

We are big believers in hugging kitties every day, several times a day. 

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