Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yo-Yo Day

What better excuse than today to dig out your old yo-yo toy and show off your talents, it is National Yo-Yo Day! Did you know that the yo-yo is considered the second oldest toy in history?

In ancient Greece, it was originally made of wood, metal, and terra cotta and the Greeks would decorate the outside of the Yo-Yo with pictures of their gods. As children began to enter adulthood during these ancient times, it became tradition for them to place their yo-yos on the family alter to pay homage as a rite of passage.

Since their early days, yo-yos have continued to be a beloved toy for people of all ages to enjoy. The yo-yo did not become popular in America though until the 1860's. Philippine immigrant Pedro Flores began manufacturing the toy at his small factory in California and it was soon shipped nationally. U.S. Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon were all big fans of the yo-yo; they were known to show off their skills in the White House while they were in office.

Enjoy a day of celebration today with this remarkable and historic toy. You could even host your own yo-yo competition to see who of your friends truly has the most talent!


  1. I used to love playing with a yo yo once, 100 years ago. :-)

  2. LOL my yoyo gone missin!