Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ask a Stupid Question Day

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By Diane Forrest

I’m sure you have been in a classroom or other educational setting where the instructor will tell you to ask anything, there are no stupid questions.  Well that person has never met my family!!

When my son was small, when he was learning to talk, we called my mother grandma.  Well the name that came out of his mouth was Ama (pronounced A-maw).  That’s who she became.  Well my mother can come up with some off the wall questions, and my father started calling them Amaisms.  He told my son he should write a book of them.  One of my favorite ones happened when a friend was discussing painting a room with polka dots.  My mother then asked, "Oh, do they make polka dotted paint?"

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My aunt is another one asking stupid questions...she was talking with a friend and they were discussing the difference between almond joy and mounds candy bars.  My aunt then asked her friend, "Now which one has the nuts?"  Her friend just told her to think on that for a min.

One of my favorite one's is from a teacher who would see students when she would be shopping at a grocery store.  They would ask, "What are you doing here?"  She would always want to answer, "Oh you know...just hunting buffalos!"

Some other stupid questions include:
  • Having someone step on your foot and asking if it hurts.
  • Asking a waiter if the selection you choose is a good dish.
  • When you get a late night phone call and they ask "were you asleep?"
  • When you have obviously gotten a shorter haircut and are asked "Did you get a haircut?"

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day.  He had just got a new cookie stove for his business.  I was talking to him on a chat page, and he often uses a short hand and I have to try to decipher that he says.  He had just had some fresh baked cookies and was telling me about them.  I asked how they were he said too many chips, and too sweet.  I assumed he was talking about chocolate chip.  Then he said he liked oatmeal better.  I asked how many different kinds did he have, when I just got some letters as a reply.  Figuring it was shorthand, I asked," so do you have any peanut butter?"  That’s when he rolled his eyes and said I was "so Blonde!!"  His letters that I thought were shorthand was actually spelling the word one, as in he only had one flavor of cookie.

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Today is Ask a Stupid Question Day.  This holiday was created in the 1980's to encourage kids to ask questions in class.  So today, go ahead and ask a stupid question.  You may get some "eye rolls" and may even learn some useful information along the way.

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