Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Read a Book Day

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By Diane Forrest

Most of the country is now aware of the recent hurricane affecting the southern parts of the country.  My state was declared a disaster area by the President, and we suffered much damage.  Even as the storm was just beginning to hit land there were thousands over 700,000 who lost power.  With all of today's technology devices, they all require one thing, electricity, or batteries to be charged with electricity.  The loss of power leaves many folks with nothing to occupy their time. One of the best sure fire ways to occupy your time is to read a book.  Most of the books I have here are nursing textbooks, but I still have a few old Nancy Drew books left over from my childhood.  During one such power outage, I took one down and read it to my husband.    He really enjoyed listening to the adventure of the Thirteenth Pearl, and the time just flew by.

Today, many people have a Kindle or other electronic device that downloads books in place of having the actual bound book in hand.  Several of my friends think they are a great way to catch up on their reading, except for when the power goes off.
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When my son was younger, I would take him to the library every week and fill a book bag full of books he wanted to read. Today, he still enjoys reading every chance he gets.  When I was caring for my husband, I had little time to read, so I would mainly read my subscription to Reader's Digest.  These days I spend alot of time reading, mostly news articles and stories.  I should make more time to read a book along with the articles.  Today is such a day.

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Today is Read a Book Day.  The following is a list from listing benefits of reading:
  • Read a book today BECAUSE…
  • It’s the best excuse for peace and quiet.
  • You love sitting in your favorite chair.
  • That stack of borrowed books needs a dent.
  • All your friends are busy.
  • You need a new favorite quotation.
  • Books are on your schedule: you can pick them up and put them down at your own convenience.
  • Walking to the library is good exercise.
  • You saw the movie, but you heard the book is way better.
  • You’ve always wanted to read Anna Karenina.
  • You’ve always wanted to reread Anna Karenina.
  • There’s a swath of history you’re sick of having to admit you know NOTHING about.
  • Some sentences are better than kissing (See Nabokov).
  • Your perspective can be changed by a single passage (See Vonnegut).
  • Your life can be changed by a book (See The Year of Magical Thinking).
  • You’re going through something and you just need to get lost in a beautiful, made-up world.
  • You haven’t gotten to use your imagination in a really long time.
  • Today’s world is so loud, hyper-connected and busy.
  • The world inside your head is yours and yours alone.

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So today, instead of watching another television program or playing a video game, try reading a book and expand your mind and imagination.

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