Friday, August 24, 2012

Kiss and Make Up Day

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By Diane Forrest

I recently read an article about things women do that upset men.  Some of these, well most of these were really miniscule problems.  Some of the responses were:
  • Not putting caps back on things like tooth paste or mouth wash or shampoo;
  • Not drying their hair and getting my pillow wet;
  • Making noise in the morning, waking them up;
  • Spending too much time getting ready to go out;
  • Wearing too much make up;
  • Wearing too much perfume;
  • Leaving shoes in the kitchen; and or
  • Not rinsing out the bathtub and leaving it slippery.

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Then I read the comments listed under these problems and one caught my eye.  It simply said that if you didn't have your significant other anymore, you would wish these small habits were there to annoy you.

There is a quote that says "Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff."

While irritation and aggravation to these complaints may be real and can cause frustration and arguments, it is important to remember what is important in life.  If you have some little quirk or habit that upsets your significant other, today is a day to make things right. 

Today, August 25th  is Kiss and Make up Day.  Today is a day to put aside your differences, end a feud or spat, and maybe even apologize, then Kiss and Make UP!  Some people like to fight, just so they will be able to kiss and make up, but it doesn’t have to be with just your significant other, you can kiss and make up with your friends, family, kids, anyone you have had a problem or fight with.  So today, forget about the small stuff, and share a kiss with your "foe" and make up with them.  You will feel alot better after the air is cleared, and if it is your significant other, kissing and making up can be the best part of the fight.

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