Friday, August 17, 2012

National Soft Ice Cream Day

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By Diane Forrest

While school is starting back and it may be getting closer to fall, it’s still HOT outside.  Especially here in Mississippi, where there never seems to be a change in seasons - it’s always Hot or Very Hot!  One of the better ways I have found to cool off is to run down to my local McDonald's and get an ice cream cone.  They are only a dollar, which is a bargain these days, and it hits the spot when you want to cool off.

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I remember when our town opened a Ryan's Steak House.  The most amazing part of the whole place was the soft serve ice cream machine.  You could have either vanilla or chocolate, or mix the two together.  It was also self-serve, so you could practice making your own curly q's on top.

I can also remember getting my first dipped cone from Dairy Queen, and it always amazed me that the ice cream didn't fall off the cone once you turned it upside down to dip it in chocolate.
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Today is National Soft Ice Cream Day.  J.F. 'Granpda' McCullough and his son Alex, future founders of the Dairy Queen, created soft ice cream back in 1938. Because it's served at a warmer temperature, it's easier to taste soft ice cream's full flavor.  Its lighter texture comes from the way it is made. Ice cream vendors use a special technique to double the amount of air in soft ice cream. It is also lower in milk fat than hard ice cream.
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So today, I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want to stop for a deliciously cold ice cream cone and celebrate National Soft Ice Cream Day.

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