Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Safe Toys – 2012 Update

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By Terry Orr

Parents a special note just for you:

You are responsible for ensuring that the toys your children play with are safe!!

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As adults we need to ensure that the toys we purchase and or provide children are safe for them to play with - Here are 10 tips from Gifts.com on How to Buy Safe Toys:
  1. Adhere to age guidelines indicated on the packaging.
  2. Do the toilet paper tube test, "anything that can pass through the tube is too small to be given to a child under 3."
  3. Check if a part can be bitten off or swallowed.
  4. Avoid toys that have a string, ribbon or chord longer than 6 inches.
  5. Make sure that the toy has a nontoxic, durable finish.
  6. Avoid toys with sharp points, edges, or breakable parts.
  7. For ride-on toys, make sure that it is sturdy and stable. Also, make sure that your child has the proper safety equipment to use it.
  8. Toys with a decibel level higher than 100 can be harmful to the child's hearing.
  9. Avoid toys that have shooting and throwing projectiles, it can cause injuries.
  10. Check the Consumer Products Safety Commission for announcement on recalled toys.

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We should conduct periodic review of toys to ensure that they are in good order, age appropriate and still safe for our children.  I believe this should be done three or four times a year – especially before birthdays and holidays.

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Keeping abreast of the latest news on toys may sound daunting, but with subscribing to some of the watchdogs internet websites and blogs – there will forward you emails alerts.  In your normal conversations with other parents this topic will probably also come up with a product has been recalled or someone is asking advice about new toys.

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A final note on the topic of toys and safety – putting the toys away!  As a parent and grandparent this has been a pet peeve of mine for decades.  Stepping on or tripping over toys.
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