Friday, June 15, 2012

Duct Tape Days (15-17)

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By Diane Forrest

My daddy always only need 2 things.  If it doesn't move and it should, spray it with wd-40.  If it moves and it shouldn't.  Use Duct tape.

For years I always thought it was Duct tape, and I never knew why you would want to tape a duck, but it makes more sense to tape Ducts.  However this was not the original purpose for this tape.  In 1942 Revolite, formerly a division of Johnson & Johnson originally developed an adhesive tape made from a rubber-based adhesive applied to a durable duck cloth backing. This tape resisted water and was used as sealing tape on ammunition cases during World War II.  Because of these properties, it was also used to repair military equipment quickly, including jeeps, firearms, and aircraft.

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Duct tape can be used on almost anything that you don’t need to move.  It is a quick fix, and comes in many different colors.  I recently got some white duct tape and repaired a part of my wall that had a crack over it.  Just put the tape on...painted over it...looks good as new.  I know the guys out there will tell me that's not how you fix a wall!!! You should put spackle on it, let it dry, sand it then paint it.  Well I didn’t know how to do all that, and I know how to tear off tape.  I also used it to repair some yard art that kept falling over.  I taped a wooden stake to it and problem solved.

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My father loves duct tape.  He is a thrifty man, so when his work shoes came apart at the sole, he didn’t go out and buy new ones, he just wrapped some duct tape around them and kept on walkin.  He had a wart on the bottom of his foot, and the doctor told him to put duct tape on it, and pull it off, and that would pull off the wart.  He tried it a few times, but it started pulling off good skin too, so he stopped.  He will still use it if he gets a cut while working in his shop.  Just a little piece of duct tape over the injury, and he's good to go.

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Lately there has been a surge of crafts using duct tape.  A friend of mine has a granddaughter who loves making things with duct tape since it comes in many different colors and styles.  She has made wallets for her family and is pictured here with a flower she made.  Some people have even used duct tape to make clothing.

In the movies you can see duct tape being used to tie up people.  My father also claims he used it to place over my mouth to keep me quiet.  Here is even a picture of a duct tape baby sitter. (This is a joke; don't try this at home folks!)

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The next couple of days are set aside to celebrate duct tape.  Make sure you have some on hand, and send us your ideas for using this wonderful sticky stuff.

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