Friday, June 8, 2012

National Bathroom Reading Month

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By Terry Orr

My earliest memory of bathroom reading was my Dad taking part of the Kansas City Star with him on his extended stays.  In our home today, the past three months of Reader Digest are proudly displayed on the vanity. In addition, the current Sudoku monthly magazine is neatly stored in the top drawer.
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While I was still working, I always found something worthwhile to take with me – perhaps a stack of unread emails, latest technology report; or a recent professional journal. 
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These days, the book currently being read (hardback, paperback or eBook), recent magazine, and today’s mail or review our current stash of reading material in our bathroom.
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Top 10 Reading Material (from AskMen)
10 Archie comics
9   Leonard Maltin's 2001 Movie & Video Guide
8   TV Guide
7   Chicken Soup for the Soul
6   Daily newspaper
5   The Ultimate Bathroom Reader
4   Business Magazines
3   Dictionary / Encyclopedia
2   Playboy
1   Guinness Book of World Records

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Please share your favorite reading material on your visit.

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