Saturday, April 27, 2013

April is National Landscape Architecture Month – but where are they?

By Terry Orr
Where have all the Landscape Architects gone?

For over six years and untold number of (wanta-be-landscape-designers) have caused me to wonder if there are real, honest to goodness Landscape Architects exist in the National Capitol Region. 

One, who really is one with nature, understands the surrounding environment, drainage concerns, what products really work well in the area, designing a plan that is in harmony with God creatures.
I should have known something was amiss when it took four different land and landscaping companies near six years to get my lawn looking green and healthy.  There are plants, flowers and trees that have been planted in both sunny, partial sun and shade areas dying. 
Having a garden and yard that is bird, butterfly, bee, and other critter friendly – has been one of the long poles in the tent from the start.  Helping our outside friends through all the seasons.
This is 2013 and all of the folks that I have interviewed over this time period simply do not want to use the automated tools available for their design efforts.  Why? 
  • Making changes becomes a chore
  • Depicting growth impacts on your landscape drawing is nearly impossible without different layers
  • Maintenance by the owner and understanding basic of those improvement to the property are challenging
  • And the list goes on and on

Is there someone out there up to the challenge of developing a master plan and help implement that plan into something that all parties can be proud of and invite others to learn from this adventure?

Have you found a good landscape architect/designer that has satisfied your needs?

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