Sunday, April 21, 2013

Political Correctness My #$$

The people who are giving a pass to these JIHADISTS need to get a flippin' clue!!! I am not saying all Muslims are like this but it's evident that many have come here and want US to change to their way or are persecuting Christians in the Middle East for their beliefs.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS RUINING AMERICA - there, I said it and I meant it!!!

We MUST educate ourselves and wake the hell up!! There are wonderful terrorism experts out there who have been on this jihadist movement for years. Please check out Steve Emerson, Frank Gaffney, Walid Phares and Pamela Geller. Please add any names to this list and give us different tools to read up on what's going on.

100% FED Up! With political correctness!!!!

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