Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nation’s Volunteer Week

By Diane Forrest

As I was sitting in church on Sunday, I was reading over the list of the activities for the week.  Saturday they are asking for volunteers to meet and help out people in the community.  Things they normally do are small repairs on homes, yard work, housework, or any type of thing that needs doing.

My mother frequently volunteers in many areas.  She works each week at the local hospital, she volunteers at the children's home, and she can also be found at the church working in many areas.  She helps with the television crew, library, nursery, and helps when there is a death in the church family.  My father also does alot of volunteer work, working at Habitat, Rotary; he has served on probably every committee in town, and with the Boy Scouts.  He can also be found lending his hand at the church and other civic events.

I like to volunteer as much as I can, although I’m not in the same league as my parents, I do help at church, and with the children's home, and frequently help with the elderly at church.
Volunteers give their time, energy, and even own money to help their fellow man.  They don't expect anything in return, but today I would like to ask you to give them something.  They need and deserve your thanks and gratitude for a job well done.

This week we are celebrating the nation's volunteers, so don’t forget to give them praise, and if you don't know anyone who volunteers their time, then why not take a couple of hours out of your day to volunteer in your community?

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