Monday, April 22, 2013

Real Hollywood Heroes

Over the weekend while browsing my Facebook page, I found this gem and highly encourage each of your to watch this two part video.  I believe Charlton has capture things very well.

Real Hollywood Heroes: Charlton Heston Speaks at Harvard Law School (Video)

"That scares me to death, and it should scare you too, that the superstition of political correctness rules the halls of reason. You are the best and the brightest. You, here in this fertile cradle of American academia, here in the castle of learning on the Charles River. You are the cream. But I submit that you and your counterparts across the land are the most socially conformed and politically silenced generation since Concord Bridge. And as long as you validate that and abide it, you are, by your grandfathers’ standards, cowards." ~ Charlton Heston

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