Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nosy Neighbor Day

By Diane Forrest

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day.  Her mother recently became ill and was hospitalized.  When she was released from the hospital, she was transferred to a step down unit for rehab.   Her mother lives in an apartment, so she frequently goes to check the mail and check on other things, and usually she doesn't have much time to lollygag around.   When she is particularly in a hurry, that is the time when her mother's neighbor shows up, asking questions about what is going on, how her mother is...things like that. My friend states, "She is so nosy, but I know she means well".

Having a nosy neighbor can be a good thing, as well as an inconvenience.  When I moved into my home several years ago, I had a wonderful neighbor.  He is an elderly widower, who walked up and down the street, got to know all the neighbors, and what was going on with each of them.  If I had a question about anyone, he was the first one I would call.  Not only did he know everyone's "business" but he also knew when someone was sick, had a death in the family, was out of town.  He would pick up the newspapers and mail, even take in garbage cans and feed animals.  Knowing that he was across the street keeping an eye on my house always made me feel at ease when we left to go out of town.  I never worried about my home being broken into, or burning down.  He is also a member of my church, and sits behind my parents every Sunday, so if I didn't cut my grass or some other atrocity, he would inform them of my shortcomings.

Unfortunately my neighbor felt he was too old to keep up the home he had for so many years, and decided to give it to his granddaughter while he moved to a nearby apartment complex.   When I met her I informed her she had some huge shoes to fill, but I have to say, she is nothing like her grandpa.  In fact, I have hardly seen her in the year that she has been there.

Today is Nosy Neighbor Day.  If you have a nosy neighbor, consider yourself lucky, while they may pester you at time, they are always close by to help you out too.  So give them a call and let them know how much you appreciate their watchful eye.

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